St Michael's Mount guide book by James St Aubyn


James St Aubyn is the twelfth generation of his family to occupy St Michael's Mount. He moved into the castle with his family in 2003, when his uncle, Lord St Levan, retired to the mainland. James first came to the island when he was three months old to be christened in the Church. This is very much a personal account about a place he has known and loved all his life. 

"In the first and main part of this booklet, the text follows the route you will take round the castle, and I have included points of interest that I might have mentioned if I had been accompanying you in person. The castle's antiquity means that there are various layers of history that overlay each other from the distant past until the present day. At the end of the booklet is a timeline of major events and a list of members of my family who have occupied the Mount."


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