Chocolate bar duo gift pack ~ Apple Crumble and Crème Caramel Milk


In our shops the bars of chocolate are one of our most popular take home gifts, whether its for your work buddies, granny and grandpa or to thank the neighbour for feeding the cat, you really can't go wrong with some delicious Cornish chocolate! Here we have brought together two tasty bars and presented them tied together with our branded satin ribbon.

Two bars of chocolate made from sustainably grown cocoa, handcrafted in Cornwall.

Apple Crumble Milk chocolate; smooth and creamy topped with apple flavour jelly pieces and biscuit pieces- 100g*

Crėme Caramel Milk chocolate; blended milk and white chocolate with natural caramel flavour - 100g*

*Please note should either of the chocolate varieties be out of stock, we will replace them with a suitable alternative 


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