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Over the hundreds of years of its existence St Michael's Mount has been many things; monastery, military stronghold and private home. Today we celebrate the many incarnations of the Mount when we welcome over 300,000 visitors each year who come to enjoy all that the Mount has to offer.

Many of our visitors want to take home a lasting memento of their visit and in our two shops on the island we strive to bring together desirable, affordable and often unique gifts which reflect the history or location of this amazing place. Our online store is an opportunity to bring the best of our retail offer to a wider audience and to enable people to browse our fantastic range of products from the comfort of their own home.

Our mission is simple, inspired by the beauty and history of the Mount we aim to bring together a range of gifts to suit any occasion, style and budget, to support the fantastic craftspeople and manufacturers found throughout Cornwall and to be the natural location to search for that perfect gift for him, for her, for you, for everyone.



If you have any questions or require any help with online shopping, please email us at shop@stmichaelsmount.co.uk    

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